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*sister walks into my room at 11:47 p.m.*
Her:What the hell are you doing?
Her:*walks over and glances at my window sill garden* Your room looks like something out of a movie and not in a good way
Me:*continues to water my rainbow cactus* Don't listen to her Phillip. You're the prettiest cactus on the window sill.
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Imagine Thranduil’s reaction when you kiss him and run off.

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Imagine Loki’s reaction when he finds out about you being abused.



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Request for DanniDancingDirection

Title: Kissing in the Rain

Original Imagine/Request: Imagine being Bucky Barnes partner and falling in love with him.

Author: Jezebella Skellington

Rating: PG

Notes/Warnings: This would have been posted earlier but I had behind the wheel early this morning. I hope you love it!


You were created to make him stronger

little did they know

you would end up being his weakness

"Wait here, your mission is to pull the car around when I exit the building." James instructed, opening the door black hydra van.

"I am not your chauffeur, I am your partner and I’m going" you snapped, opening your door and hopping out of the van.

"Look, I know you’re used to doing things by yourself , so I’m not going to get in your way. I’ll just complete my mission and pull the stupid car around." you stated, pulling our your grappling hook and closing the door.

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dannidancingdirection asked: Can you write a one shot about the winter soilder; how your his partner and they end up falling in love.


Of course! I’m going to have this posted late tonight or early tomorrow. :)

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Patiently waiting for Submissions

School is out (for now), my Panic! at the Disco Pandora station is blasting and I’m ready to write. :)

Send them in guys, don’t be shy.

One-shots, confessions, and stories are accepted.

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Imagine Loki pulling you into a tight embrace, happily welcoming you home from an exhausting sleepover.

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Imagine Loki’s reaction when you tell him one of your biggest, devastating secret that you never told anyone. 


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Imagine being up 3 in the morning catching up on your favorite t.v show on Netflix while Loki is begging you to get some rest. 

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Imagine leaving Loki home with the kids for the week while you go out of town on a business trip.

Imagine leaving Loki home with the kids for the week while you go out of town on a business trip.


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