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New Blog!

Hi guys, I deeply apologize for letting this blog wither away, but my inspiration is back and I have created a new blog that caters specifically to Tolkien elvish imagines, titled Pardon my Sindarin.

I swear I will update this blog every single day, even when there are no submitted imagines :)

The link: http://sindarinkisses.tumblr.com/ 

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*sister walks into my room at 11:47 p.m.*
Her:What the hell are you doing?
Her:*walks over and glances at my window sill garden* Your room looks like something out of a movie and not in a good way
Me:*continues to water my rainbow cactus* Don't listen to her Phillip. You're the prettiest cactus on the window sill.
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Imagine Thranduil’s reaction when you kiss him and run off.

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Imagine Loki’s reaction when he finds out about you being abused.



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